The spirit of Karlov Lugozi has been with us for centuries.  You can hear it whispering softly in the background of every Bram Stoker novel.  You can feel the rhythmic clanging in Frankenstein's laboratory and inhale those twisted melodies throughout the pages of Poe's bleak genius. It howls whenever the moon is full and it screams in the dead of night when you least expect it.  Most importantly, you can hear it now, seeping through eerie melted guitars, heavy pounding percussion and lyrics drenched in blood, monsters and horror.

If you like witches, werewolves, hostile aliens and the graveyard, then Karlov Lugozi is your cup of poison.  Add a wall of hell-spawn guitars, some ballistic bass and a pound of dread-filled drums and you've got a tasty recipe for the voodoo-metal gumbo that is Karlov Lugozi.

Are they death metal?  Sometimes.  Punk?  Somewhat.  Goth?  Generally.  Their identity is not fixed to one particular genre.  Karlov Lugozi drifts where the creative tide takes them.  Whether that's classic metal, thrash, metal-core, ambient or folk-metal, one thing is always constant - Karlov Lugozi's dark soul twists toward the fantastic, the abysmal, the bleak and the horrific.

Accomplished professional artists and content producers, they spin their own branding and promotional web - from logos to t-shirts, web designs, interactive games and cinematic music videos - Karlov Lugozi is entirely the artist's own dark vision.  They live and breath their pagan home-grown art and work tirelessly through the night to deliver these beautiful nightmares to the world.

The Internet is the canvas and Karlov Lugozi knows how to paint a compelling picture with ones and zeros.  They embrace the new digital consciousness and are eager to spread their experience across the transmedia landscape. The goal is to create a digital entity, full of mystery and discovery, that lives and breathes on the web, fueled by user interaction, great music and videos and audience participation.  Karlov Lugozi is not just a song or an album or a video.  It's an experience - a grand technological canvas of performance art dipped in the darker regions of human creativity.

Karlov Lugozi currently exists as a recording entity, but their stage vision is equal parts horror attraction, illusion, musical theater and rock concert. They're well versed in the performing arts but equally savvy with new media technologies, including holographic projection, animatronics and artificial intelligence.  Karlov Lugozi maintains a surplus of creativity which they are determined to unleash upon a devoted audience when the clock strikes the appropriate hour - usually midnight.


So join this trek into the lost corridors of the soul and embrace the art of shadow and mystery.  Let your imagination run amok with zombie anthems, witch hunts, and cemetery dirges.  Reward a long exile underground and celebrate Halloween every day with Karlov Lugozi.

Don't worry , your ears will soon adjust…

…to the darkness.

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